Date Event and City Share

  1. 12th July Valletta, Malta
    Concert with Clare College Choir at 8:00pm
  2. 19th July Petworth Festival
    Secret Places of the Soul with Catrin Finch at 7:30pm
  3. 20th July Ryedale Festival
    Judith Weir Afternoon at 3:00pm
  4. 21st July Ryedale Festival
    Festival Masterclass at 2:00pm
  5. 22nd July Rydale Festival
    Recital with Liz Kenny - Game of thrones Elizabethan music at 9:45pm
  6. 28th July Swansea, Dunvant
    Annual Gala Concert with Dunvant Male Voice Choir at 7:30pm
  7. 9th August Salzburg Festival, St Peter's
    Mozart Mass in C Minor with Sir Roger Norrington at 7:30pm
  8. 25th August Machynlleth Festival
    Dilys Elwyn-Edwards Centenary Concert with Jocelyn Freeman at 1:00pm
  9. 16th September Cowbridge Festival
    The Cloths of Heaven - Recital with Jocelyn Freeman at 7:29pm
  10. 28th September North Wales International Music Festival
    The Cloths of Heaven - recital with Jocelyn Freeman at 7:30pm
  11. 2nd October Swansea Festival
    Celebrating great Welsh female composers - recital with Jocelyn Freeman at 7:30pm