23rd May 2015

I’m on Twitter! Or I AM a twitter? I’m not sure what the correct terminology is. Anyway: I can now be followed and it’s more likely that I will stay up-to-date in touch at last. I’ll have plenty of time to tweet this week, backstage at are as around the UK, in between bumping into Daleks and popping in to the Tardis! The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular is exactly that: spectacular! It’s an amazing show of lights, music, screens, monsters, and of course the fabulous BBC NOW and chorus. It really is a thrilling event, so if it’s coming anywhere near you, do come along. You can lose yourself in decades of Doctors, and the astounding music of Murray Gold. After that, it’s back to more ‘normal’ music: Purcell in Spitalfields and Haydn in Temple. Two wonderful programmes, and the Dido in particular will be thrilling. We recorded the disc in the autumn and it’s really exciting to be releasing it in such a big London festival. Plus, I can highly recommend the baritone who plays Aeneas. Not just because he’s my husband…

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