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How is it nearly March already? And we’re at the start of Lent which means that Easter must be around the corner. Not that I have given anything up. In fact I seem to be taking things up instead! The spring holds a bunch of concerts as colourful... Read more

Wedding Nerves

Well in case it had escaped your attention, I’ll be singing at the Royal Wedding on Saturday. It’ll be lovely to be back in Windsor Castle, and St George’s Chapel has a dream acoustic, not to mention its fifteenth-century beauty which will be... Read more

Spring is in the air

What a great time of year to head to Bradford-upon-Avon for a concert in the wonderful Wiltshire Music Centre! This weekend Catrin Finch and I paired up again to present our programme ‘Secret Places of the Soul’, a journey through centuries of song,... Read more

Meet the Artist

Me, chatting. Nothing new there but check out the Cross-Eyed Pianist’s recent interview with me here. And yes, I really do love marmite…

Watch this space!

New blog coming soon: I am currently immersed in translation, script-writing and song-learning but promise to be back soon with a catch-up AND new photos!

Autumn days

Greetings from Barcelona! I’m here to sing at the stunning Palau de Musica, and it’s a concert celebrating John Rutter’s music, conducted by the man himself. What a dream! Catrin Finch is the soloist in Suite Lyrique and we’ve enjoyed a good catchup... Read more


I’m on Twitter! Or I AM a twitter? I’m not sure what the correct terminology is. Anyway: I can now be followed and it’s more likely that I will stay up-to-date in touch at last. I’ll have plenty of time to tweet this week, backstage at are as around... Read more

New term!

It’s official, summer is over, no more beach days and wave-jumping, definitely no more clotted cream ice cream, and it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get back to work. I was lucky enough to have a proper summer holiday - our last before Joseph... Read more

Welcome to blog-land

Welcome to blog-land! It’s been a while since I wrote one, and much has happened - too much to cover in fact but suffice it to say that I’ve travelled a lot, sung a lot, presented plenty and even added to our family. Pretty busy, then.

I’ve been... Read more