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Summer is a’comin’...

Well it looks like summer is definitely coming - as are a heap of concerts and performances! It’s been a nice spring so far with some wonderful concerts. In March I launched a new programme of Schumann: a collaboration with my very own husband,... Read more

Back to work!

Well you may have noticed that I haven’t had such a jam-packed diary of late: that’ll be because I was rather tied up with baby number two! Elliott was born in October and is the most wonderful addition to our family. I am now though totally... Read more


Well if there isn’t any decent weather and sunshine around at the moment to warm your summer, at least there’s been plenty of beautiful music! I’ve been lucky enough to perform, record and present a whole heap in the last month or so, and it’s been... Read more

Out of action

Just a quick blog to offer my sincere apologies to anyone who had hoped to hear me sing with the Academy of Ancient Music last week. Having rehearsed the wonderful programme of Purcell with the orchestra I was raring to go to Exeter and Chipping... Read more

Welcome to blog-land

Welcome to blog-land! It’s been a while since I wrote one, and much has happened - too much to cover in fact but suffice it to say that I’ve travelled a lot, sung a lot, presented plenty and even added to our family. Pretty busy, then.

I’ve been... Read more